Retaining Control on Automotive Components Supply Management in China is the key to managing supplier costs
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About AutospecsChina and US Linkages
AutospecsChina is a China concept created by automotive specialists working with Tier 1 and 2 suppliers in the US. It is China JV between US based Automotive suppliers specialists working with the Big 3 in the US and AMREP China operation network. It’s about merging automotive supply experiences with AMREP’s credible reputation in automotive related high tech electronics and other industrial technologies which are now in use by the automotive industry.
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Automotive Supplier Engineering

Inside AutospecsChina  

Autospecschina is a 3rd Party Procurement and Supply Management Service company. We are your option to manage the quality of your purchased materials/components from your China suppliers. We regulate suppliers’ conformance to your expectations of quality, production and delivery. Make Autospecschina an integral part of your China supply chain network. We can make your presence in China more visible  by being your eyes, ears and remote hands in making suppliers more responsive to your purchases. Autospecschina is the automotive division of AMREP China and AMREP North America Inc. See

AMREP has a 25 year track record of supplier management accomplishments with suppliers in Asia. We have a strong knowledge base in electronics, metallurgical products, machined, engineered products and composite materials.

Autospecschina is useful to you whether you are auto maker or a Tier 1 supplier buying components from a Tier 2 supplier. If you are in the automotive Aftermarket parts and accessories distribution, you need Autospecschina to quality and delivery managed your China suppliers. Or you may need us to find suppliers, qualify or audit them.


To evaluate AutospecsChina capabilities contact:

Derrick Go
Snr. VP. Automotive Supply Chain Control

Tel: 954 4430046.

Sorting and Containment Teams in China

AutospecsChina Mission Objectives for its Automotive Customers.
  • Reduce Quality Costs
  • Reduce Supplier Quality Defects
  • Minimize Reworks, Sorting. Containment at remote customer facilities by carrying out these functions at supply /supplier source.
  • Increase Customer surveilliance and problems resolution at the supply/supplier source.
  • Harness 6 Sigma supply improvements at source.