Reducing Quality Costs and Production Downtime through source inspection, sorting, containment and supplier improvement for automakers and parts retailers in China and Mexico

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AutospecsChina is the automotive parts and components suppliers inspection division of AMREP China. AMREP provides you with Supplier Management Services which include:
  • Supplier Capabilities Survey
  • Supplier Quality Control
  • Source Inspection
  • Supplier Engineering
  • Supplier Improvement
AMREP has over 25 years of working experience on automotive electronics, electrical, plastics, metal and mechanical parts. read more
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Automotive Supplier Engineering

More About Our Work

Automotive Politics!! Who is King? The China Top Dog or the US Top Dog??

Well it depends on how high your position is in the company that you worked for in the automotive industry. Everybody knows that GM is in big financial trouble and that China GM is the now No.1 in the China Automotive market and the most profitable division of Big GM. It was very successful in China because they send over a GM nobody to China to work with the China JV. Nobody else wants to go to China at that time because it means giving up on the fine wine and luxuries of exclusive upper class management lifestyle in the US. Also there was such a thing being a Johnny Come Lately because clever Volkswagen and others were already ahead. Mr. GM Nobody realized that to get stuck into China you got to have a product which the Not-So-Rich would want to buy, use and very affordable! So together with the JV partner they built a cheap utility truck which the Chinese farmers and contractors needed. And it rocketed GM off with a big money bang! Problem is when something that is No Good becomes Very Good, it attracts the attention of “ I Want to Be In”  high chaired executives, who then move in, fight over the China position and promptly relegated Mr. Nobody back to the US to a No Place position. We heard that Mr. Nobody quit GM and became his own Somebody in China… Wow, Good For Him! China is now real hot for“ I Want to Be a China King” company executives in the US.
Source of Information>>>> Research Wall Street Journal.

Want to know more about bad experiences with “ I Know Everything About China”automotive  company executives in the US and “ I AM A China King”

contact Mike Lee  at

More About Our Work

Car Cockpit instrumentation is one of the most complicated
assemblies for 3rd party quality inspectors to
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