Whenever and Where-ever Automotive Components must be inspected inside China

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In China, support industries and supplier cluster around the main automotive auto makers, Tier 1 or Tier 2 suppliers. In Ningbo there is a cluster of metal castings Chinese suppliers. Around Shenzhen and Guangzhou there are many plastics, tool makers and electronics subassemblies suppliers. AutospecsChina key automotive teams are always where these suppliers are concentrated. If your supplier is not located in a key industrial city in China, Autospecschina can always relocate our nearest quality specialist to your suppliers’ location.

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Automotive Supplier Engineering

China Operational Network

Our operational staff are spread across the key industrial Chinese cities where automotive key suppliers are located. You can find AutospecsChina teams in:

  • Wuxi: Ningbo: Beijing: Suzhou:
  • Xiamen: Hangzhou: Shenzhen
  • Shanghai: Guangzhou
  • Chongqing: Chengdu: Tianjin
  • Qingdao: Dalian

Our key marketing and control offices are located at :

  • Shenzhen/Bao An – China South
  • Shanghai –China North

To know more about our Automotive Supplier Inspection services when you are in China called Valerie at
86 755 27834426 or email:


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AutospecsChina Network is part of AMREP Operational Network providing Automotive Supplier Management Services. Most 2nd or 3rd tier suppliers components are bought from Chinese suppliers, sent on for assemblies in Mexico, Thailand, or the US. When you use AutospecsChina in China, Mexico, India and the US, to inspect your component suppliers, our international network help to minimize your customer’s complaints and rejects. We begin quality inspections at the source. You can eliminate rejects returned to you by the customers after delivery. You minimize sorting and containment high cost paid for work done at your customer’s factory.

China Network

China, to Mexico to Detroit....and why you need us in China!!!

The PCB board was made in South China and sent to the electronics manufacturer in Tijuana Mexico. The buyer had components inserted onto the board and sent it onto the contract manufacturer to put together the headlight assembly for the Detroit auto maker. The Contract Manufacturer sorted and contained the delivered PCBs, and charged the S & C work to his supplier. The CM also sent the rejects back to the Tijuana supplier. The TJ supplier then hire AutoMexspecs to sort out the bare PCBs from China, return the rejects and billed the Chinese supplier. AutoMexspecs had two teams working in Guadalajara and Tijuana. If the PCBs had been inspected in China prior to delivery, sorting and containment work in Mexico could be avoided.