In God We Trust. Everything Else We Check. Anything you Buy in China We Check for Conformance to Buyer's Requirements.

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AutospecsChina is the automotive parts and components suppliers inspection division of AMREP China. AMREP provides you with Supplier Management Services which include:
  • Supplier Capabilities Survey
  • Supplier Quality Control
  • Source Inspection
  • Supplier Engineering
  • Supplier Improvement
AMREP has over 25 years of working experience on automotive electronics, electrical, plastics, metal and mechanical parts. read more
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Automotive Supplier Engineering

Talking to Us

Web pages and websites only advertise what a company says it can do. It does not say what it cannot do. Autospecschina prefers to tell its customers truthfully what it can do Well, What It Cannot do, and What Takes a Little Longer. We are always delighted to talk to you about our capabilities, or perhaps to refer you to another company that may be better than us. Some work is simple, some work is complicated and some work is just beyond us. There is someone in China, US, Mexico or Asia to talk to you about our work and capabilities.

  • In the USA: Call Isabel at 1 954 4430046 about work in China, or Mexico, Korea or Thailand.
  • In China: Call Valerie at 86 755 27834426 on our different China locations capabilities and customers.

Or use for a quick email response or follow up call to your company.