Reducing Quality Costs and Production Downtime through source inspection, sorting, containment and supplier improvement for automakers and parts retailers in China and Mexico

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Resolving quality issues with new or re-invented Chinese suppliers is always a big challenge. Many suppliers make quality promises to buyers which are seldom delivered. For example, one customer was unaware that the automotive brake supplier he had a contract with had no material/ brake expert in the supplier's production team. Our customer thought he was talking to the supplier's key engineering expert all the time. The expert, Autospecschina discovered later was just a borrowed professor from the local university. It is difficult to solve customer's specifications and quality issues when there is no reliable factory professional to work with. Autospecschina serves you best when we have more prior information on the type of factory, your supplier's experiences, and your products. For more information on "Better Ways to Manage Chinese Supply Chain and Suppliers" contact Mike Lee at

Why did A US company buy 3000 Chinese Cherry engines for the US?
We could never figure this out when we were asked to do a quality check on these before delivery. Who was going to use a Cherry Engine in the US? Was it to replace a GM Chevy engine?? AutoMexspecs says it was for the “Yonke”. You can find lots of automotive “Yonke” in Cuidad Juarez. These “Yonkes” hold lots of discarded old parts from discarded US cars and trucks. To find a replacement engine or body part for a Mexican used US car or truck, the owner goes to a Yonke to cannibalize a part as a replacement part. Junked engines and engine parts never work well. So the cheapest, effective and most reliable way to fix a broken down Mexican car is to buy a new replacement Cherry engine. It not only works well, it is new! We wish the US company all the best in money making. More orders mean more pre-delivery quality inspection work for AutospecsChina.


Automotive Supplier Engineering

Customers Serviced

The majority of a car manufacturer’s cost is purchased materials, parts and components. As such, the question of how to keep the supply chain going smoothly , improve performance, reduce lost costs and on-time delivery is very important to the OEMs and suppliers.


Here are some customers which we have serviced well.
Customers Serviced

  • Delphi
  • Valeo
  • Rockwell
  • Emerson
  • Textron
  • Autosplice
  • Coopers Tyres
  • Shumacher Electric
  • New York Air Brakes
  • Borg Wagner

    And more…….



These are some automotive customers which asked about our services in China, Mexico and Asia.
  • TRW
  • GM China
  • White Trucks
  • Volvo Truck
  • Bombardier
  • GM Thailand
  • Robert Bosch
  • Federal Mogul
  • Pacific Steel Casting
  • Autozone

AutospecsChina, AutoMexspecs services a range of suppliers that supplies directly to the OEMs.


We serviced a variety of customers ranging from automotive lighting, interiors manufacturers toparts distributors and aftermarket retailers. AutospecsChina can be your third-party service provider to co-ordinate your indirect parts procurement, scheduling, quality and logistics management.


AutospecsChina is the China division of AMREP China. Some of the most well-known automakers and 1st tier suppliers talk to us about making their 2nd tier suppliers in China and Mexico better suppliers.


To find out how this is done for autochain companies, please contact 
Isabel 1 954 4430046
Valerie 86 755 27834426