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AMREP has over 25 years of experience in working with suppliers in the electronics, electrical, plastics, metal, mechanical and machined parts. These same suppliers are highly involved in the high technology electronics and computer related industries. Now they are supplying the same products, technologies and same quality issues and problems to the automotive industry. AMREP has build a pool of experienced quality specialists with different products and technical experiences from supplier quality assignments given by Lexmark, IBM, Dell, Sun Microsystems, SIEMENS, SONY and many other customers. Autospecschina is able to draw on specialists from AMREP to add strength to its knowledge of dealing with and sorting supplier quality issues and product problems.

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Automotive Supplier Engineering

Automotive Parts and Components Quality Control

AutospecsChina China base Automotive Teams have these skills:

  • Supplier Quality Systems Audits of Supplier’s conformance to QS9000/TS-16949:2002 and automotive standards
  • Production Parts Approval Process evaluation, verification and conformance to dimensional material, functional and appearance requirements.
  • Final Random Inspection of Supplier finished parts/components.
  • Problems Resolution of repeated Supplier Quailty, Technical and Engineering issues.
  • Sorting and Containment of rejected Supplier produced lots, returned lots, or warehoused lots prior to use by Customers.
  • Rework and Re-kitting and Repacking of supplier's returned or rejected lots.
  • Supplier Corrective Actions Implementation on key quality issues raised by Customers.
  • Tri-Party Work and Inspection Feedback and Action Reports to improve Supplier's performance.
  • Technical, Quality and Engineering Evalutions and support on continuous line production.
  • Laboratory testings and verification.
chemical testing

AutospecsChina works with Chinese Laboratories in the key cities where automotive plants and support industries are located. We have working arrangements with selected laboratories which are strong in expertise and equipment on automotive components and standards. AutospecsChina will test and inspect production samples for material, quality and engineering specifications to verify engineering or specifications non-conformance.

Sorting and Containment Teams in China

Our Sorting and Containment Teams can be inserted into a supplier’s facility in China. The composition of team members and team skills matrix depends on the work volume, production volume and buyer’s contractual arrangements with the supplier. We use the supplier’s equipment or equip our teams with the necessary tools to make our work better.  When Autospecschina is required to be in a factory for a continuous period, we work with the supplier to create a working space for our teams inside the factory.

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Why Part-Time Workers are bad for Sorting and Containment Work!!!
Sorting and Containment work sometimes comes on suddenly because of unexpected defects in a production lot delivered to the customer. These defects have to be worked on urgently. Some 3rd party inspection providers scrambled to put temporary workers into action. Temporary workers do not do work well because they are not well trained...