Reducing Quality Costs and Production Downtime through source inspection, sorting, containment and supplier improvement for automakers and parts retailers in China and Mexico

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AutospecsChina is the automotive parts and components suppliers inspection division of AMREP China. AMREP provides you with Supplier Management Services which include:
  • Supplier Capabilities Survey
  • Supplier Quality Control
  • Source Inspection
  • Supplier Engineering
  • Supplier Improvement
AMREP has over 25 years of working experience on automotive electronics, electrical, plastics, metal and mechanical parts. read more
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Automotive Supplier Engineering

More About Our Work

Talking About Supplier Conformance and Compliance

Car components and combinations are now more complex and have quick sudden failures than before because of new technologies. Our customers have instances when their car buyers  have sudden  car display instrumentations failures or cars which immobilized itself while on the road. New technologies are fantastic but they also make it difficult for any mechanic to fix a car problem. You have to be trained and must know what goes in and what does not work.

Failure prevention
is a major part of our component pre-delivery supplier inspection work program. Sometimes we may have more than 30-40 supplier quality representatives doing an on-site containment, sorting, and rework and testing. We have to work with the suppliers’ workforce. There are complications here because we are talking about China and Mexican workforces. China is ramming up very fast but the management and workforce are acquiring experience and knowledge base at a slower pace. Factories are set up faster in Mexico and China than the growth in available experienced management and production staffing. So it becomes a great challenge to Autospecs in China and Mexico to work with the suppliers.”.. says Lawrence Tang, VP Automotive Supply Conformance and Compliance.


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More About Our Work

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