Strategic Supply Chain control of outsourced automotive parts and components suppliers is about using AutospecsChina in key sources to find a supplier; improve the supplier, reduce failure costs - at the right time, right place, with the right personnel.

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In a US automotive supply seminar held recently, some automotive experts concluded that under the changing circumstances of automotive manufacturing and competitiveness, two third of Tier 2 Suppliers will disappear or be bankrupted. Tier 1 category will be subjected to costs and production pressures and will have to migrate their production overseas and rely on overseas Tier 2. In Australia, the only Tier 1 component supplier went bankrupt in August 2006. Ford, Holden and Mistsubishi had to make money availableto the bankrupt Tier 1 Supplier to continue producing. This, to keep their own production plants rolling. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers are now relocating to China, Mexico and elsewhere. Autospecschina is in the countries and locations where Tier 1 and 2 have relocated us.


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Global Network

Where do you want us to support your automotive supplier’s quality control???? We are Where your supplier is, Where you Need us, Where your Supplier wants us! You can have our inspection team in Toluca, Mexico to work on rejected parts. Perhaps you may want us to audit your new metal cast supplier in Madras, India? We can send a Manufacturing and Systems Audit Team into the factory in Madras. We have the people, the offices, and the country locations available for action quickly. Execute your options. We can implement the solutions.


Global Network

To find out more about our offices and contacts to talk to in any of these offices or countries, contact:

Isabel at 1 954 4430046
Rose at 1 312 261 5526
Valerie at 86 755 27834426

or email: