Reducing Quality Costs and Production Downtime through source inspection, sorting, containment and supplier improvement for automakers and parts retailers in China and Mexico

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AutospecsChina is the automotive parts and components suppliers inspection division of AMREP China. AMREP provides you with Supplier Management Services which include:
  • Supplier Capabilities Survey
  • Supplier Quality Control
  • Source Inspection
  • Supplier Engineering
  • Supplier Improvement
AMREP has over 25 years of working experience on automotive electronics, electrical, plastics, metal and mechanical parts. read more
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Automotive Supplier Engineering

More About Our Work

“ Car Cockpit Transportation is one of the most complicated assemblies for 3rd party quality inspectors to work on…." Mike Lee, Snr. VP. Supply Quality Management,

According to Visteon, “ cockpit instrumentation incorporates physical and functional interfaces of plastics, vehicle structure, steering and climate controls”. To us at AutospecsChina, it involves an increasing array of electronics, computer parts, complex wiring harnesses, electrical routing, electronic modules, plastic casings and parts, connectors, switches – all amounting to a minimum of 100 components and subsystems – which must work well in order to get such things as airbags, sunroofs, air-conditioning, electronic stability balancing. And drive information synchronize and function in the way the customer wants. New technologies, such as navigation control, new electronic designs, new miniaturized parts, or new materials, create challenges to the suppliers. Well, they create challenges also to AutospecsChina. So the quality inspectors we use must be selected well and be qualified or trained to work on specific products. AMREP has been a specialist 3rd party inspection company working on high tech electronics and electro-mechanical parts used for aerospace, military, computer and advanced electronics.

More About Our Work

Car Cockpit instrumentation is one of the most complicated
assemblies for 3rd party quality inspectors to
work on

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Car Cockpit instrumentationAutospecsChina being part of the AMREP operation can draw on a pool of specialists. Even so, "these experienced specialists have to be retooled, retuned, or re-trained quickly on the highly complex technological usage, design and quality requirements and standards of the Tier 1 suppliers and automotive assemblers" – says Mike Lee. This is because of the high safety, performance and warranty demands of the customer.


"You can get away with a consumer products because a PDA or state of the art hi-fi equipment will only costs you about $1000. No one gets hurt if it fails and the seller makes it difficult to get back your money or replacements with non-performing warranties. With a car, you spend thousands. Poor quality hurts you, hurts your brand and the auto maker. As such AutospecsChina must have a good 3rd party setup team, good core team and add-on staff which are well trained. Otherwise, those things you inspect are going to be returned again and again and it is going to cost AutospecsChina money, pain, production downtime” …says Mike Lee.

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