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AutospecsChina is the automotive division ofAMREP Global Supplier Management Services. We are able to bring additional automotive specialists from our Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and USA offices to back up our Chinese automotive quality teams.

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Automotive Supplier Engineering

Our Manpower Skills and Specialization

Autospecschina uses only full-time employees for sorting and containment, inspection and to resolve supplier quality issues. Only full-time employees have the dedication and commitment to meet our customer’s expectations of good service. Well paid and well supervised employees are our own assurance of good work and preventive defense against work and money corruption. Our automotive supplier quality specialists include:

  • Inspection Specialists with qualified products and production experiences in product inspection, rework sorting and containment work.

  • Quality Specialists with focuse specializations in audit and repair of supplier quality systems to international automotive manufacturing standards, QS and TS standards.

  • Technical and Engineering Specialists with well-tested knowledge and proven skills in solving supplier quality issues, technical and engineering compliance to customer and supplier specified specifications and designs.

There is a range and variety of technical experiences in electronics, electrical, electro-mechanical, plastics, metal and material manufacturing that you can call on from our manpower base to contain supplier quality issues.

To find out more about the type of automotive quality specialists contact or call
Isabel at 954 4430046

China Network

Inside China our operation teams are located in
Beijing, Tianjin, Qingtao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuxi, Guangzhu at most locations where there are supporting industries and companies working with the major Chinese, US, European or Japanese JVs auto makers. Autospecschina can send a working team to sort out quality problems in China wherever and whenever it is needed. We only need to know your suppliers' location, the product, the type of work to be done, and what is expected of us.
Contact for more information on our teams location.